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Facebook plans to expand its news tab beyond the US

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Facebook is planning to expand its dedicated news section to UK, Brazil, Germany, France, and India.

Facebook has already launched its News tab to US audiences in June. The company launched the service with plans to pay publishers that participated.

But looking at Facebook’s volatile history with the news industry, and the trend toward requiring platforms to pay news outlets for their content, it’s likely possible that the company is simply testing the news market for its next move.

To qualify as a news partner of Facebook, publishers will need to oblige and pass the company’s integrity standards and have a large enough audience.

Facebook revealed that it plans to rely on third-party fact-checkers to monitor posts for copyright violations and sensationalist content.

France, which is on Facebook’s listing of prospective future News targets, has even ordered Google to pay for content material from French publishers in the month of April.

Facebook global news partnerships Vice President Campbell Brown said, “In each country, we’ll pay news publishers to ensure their content is available in the new product.”

He further added, “We will keep building new products and making global investments to help the news industry build long-lasting business models.”

Brown also said, “Based on this progress, we are accelerating our plans to expand internationally. Innovation is critical to building a sustainable news ecosystem.”

He also added, “Facebook News is off to a strong start in the US, driving a significant amount of online traffic to publishers.”

News agencies have always struggled to make money as ad revenue and people’s attention has shifted online, where stories are available free of charge by publishers.

There are loads of reasons that news publishers in the US and other countries need to be vigilant of Facebook’s news efforts.

Facebook’s News Feed algorithm and advert enterprise have confirmed devastating for the business, more likely for native news publishers. And its monitor report on news is afflicted by failures, together with the notorious pivot to video motion of the early and mid-2010s, with publishers pouring assets into video manufacturing looking to profit from Facebook’s video platform. And in fact, there’s the debacle of the 2016 election cycle, which resulted in Facebook eradicating its Trending Topics section amid accusations that it was biased towards conservative media.

Facebook News section that has already debuted in the US will expand in the next six months or so to the other countries.


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