KitchenMate helps employees to cook fresh meals at work

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KitchenMate, the Toronto-based startup, has employed new ways to feed employees. The company has used a fresh approach to provide hygienic and healthy meals to its employees.

The company also has plans to expand its footprints in the US. KitchenMate has emerged as the only option for some employers, with many restaurants and other businesses closed due to the pandemic.

Meals are purchased by employees through the smartphone app at an average cost of USD 9, out of which employees usually pay USD 7 and employers subsidize the rest of the amount.

This is how is food is prepared in KitchenMate office. Just open the refrigerator and pull out a smart food-pod, scan it with the phone, and then put the food-pod into the cooker. After a few minutes, a delicious meal of rice, curry, vegetables will be ready.

KitchenMate distributes new food-pods once or twice a week to its employees, and teams influence by voting on the dish they would like to eat. The startup also offers an option where staff members can prepare food for employees, rather than everyone raiding and crowding the refrigerator to make food for themselves.

To carry out the plan the startup firm has raised about USD 3.5 million in seed funding led by Eniac Ventures with participation from Golden Ventures, FJ Labs and Techstars.

Maybe the pandemic is not the correct time for this idea, as many companies are still running on work from home model. However, at the same time, there are many companies like manufacturing, distribution and essential services that cannot operate that cannot operate from home.

Founder and CEO Yang Yu said, “KitchenMate was founded with the goal of providing healthy food at an affordable cost to employees. The solution developed by him and his team combines fresh, crafted food with refrigerated, tamper-proof smart meal-pods that can be heated in a smart cooker. ”

He added, “Before the pandemic, it was easy for many companies to care about employees and give them a healthy meal. However, it has become necessary for many companies now as everything has shut down.”

Yu also said that as the offices reopen, people will want to avoid a crowded cafeteria, and they will opt for the bulk deliveries of KitchenMate, with a lot of individual deliveries happening.

Yu even said that there is a risk of backlog in the kitchen if everyone wants their lunch at the same time, and KitchenMate tries to minimize the issue so that people can pre-order their meals in the app without any one raiding the kitchens.

Yu said, “We create more flexibility around people eating for a lot of companies who either can’t afford catering or, post-COVID, it’s just not possible anymore to have shared meals.”

As per the company the smart food-pods are being used by hospitals as an efficient way to prepare healthy food for patients without any scare over hygiene issues.


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