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Instagram Developing a New Messaging App Threads

Instagram to Remove Influencers' Branded Posts

Earlier in May this year, Instagram ceased work on Direct, a standalone messaging app that it had been developing since late 2017. Beta testers’ frustration about having to switch between Instagram and a second app whenever they wanted to send a message was stated as the main reason. But the company has remained interested in building new messaging experiences and Instagram employees who work on messaging were moved to the Facebook Messenger team.

Instagram Developing a New Messaging App Threads

Threads could be an app built around your close friends, making it quite popular. It is the feature that has made Snapchat so popular. Reports have indicated that the average Snapchat user spends more time inside the app than the average Instagram user does. Threads could be an attempt to chip away at Snapchat’s appeal.

Screenshots show an app that’s designed to promote constant, automatic sharing between users and the people on their close friends list on Instagram. If you opt-in for automatic sharing, Threads will regularly update your status and give your friends a real-time view of information about your location, speed, and more.


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