Google announces new mode for Android tablets called Kids Space

Kids Space - Appy Pie

Google had launched a new kids mode on select Android tablets that features apps, books, and videos for children. It will help kids explore, learn, and have fun as they stay home. It includes kid-friendly features and content, and parental controls.

The new mode is debuting on Lenovo’s new Tab M10 HD Gen 2. Google said the new mode will be coming to more devices in the future.

There are a variety of tablets already offering content specifically for children, such as Amazon’s Fire HD Kids Edition line.

Additionally, there are also various third-party parental control apps that parents can download. However, Kids Space is different as it will be built into a number of Android tablets — not just tablets designed for kids.

According to the company’s research, tablets often function as shared devices among household members, and usually, kids start checking grown-up content at a fairly young age. Moreover, Lenovo did not think of a kids tablet that looked like a toy. Instead, the new Tab M10 HD Gen 2 is a product for families to share. Users of Tab M10 HD Gen 2 can create separate profiles with their own settings, and in this way children can use Kids Space while parents can browse in the normal mode.

Kids Space has an interface that is colorful and is easy to navigate. Kids can sort content by topic — animals, princesses, cooking, vehicles, homework help, etc. and can swap between tabs labeled “Make,” “Play,” “Read,” and “Watch” in addition to the home screen. They can also create an avatar for themselves, customizing various characteristics including outfits and backpacks. Parents can add additional apps through the Google Play store, which could be helpful for their children as school gets underway. Parents can enhance the experience of their kids and customize it even more for themselves. Kids will get a library such as apps, games, videos, and books

Google said in a statement, “The Company worked with kids and parents to curate the material basing it on child development. Kids Space is designed with your kid at the center of the experience and made for them to become explorers of the things they love.” The company added, “Google worked with top publishers to make popular children’s books free of charge, and have over 400 free books available in the US alone.” The offerings as per the company are progressing, high quality, and trustworthy. It is intended to be used by kids under 9. The company also said it doesn’t use any information from user accounts to target ads.

Kids Space requires a Google Account for the kids and it is a follow-up to Google’s Family Link, a parental control app for all Android devices, which allows parents to create and monitor Google accounts for their kids.