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Facebook to now let users customize Watch video feed with new feature Your Topics

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Facebook Watch, the video destination of Facebook, is introducing a new feature called Your Topics that will allow users to tailor their feed to include more of the content they want to see.

 At present, Facebook leverages its existing understanding of each viewer’s interests to personalize the Watch Feed. However, Your Topics will allow users to tell Facebook in more detail that what sort of things they like by exploring and subscribing to varied content categories.

Facebook has been quietly rolling out Your Topics feature to many users off late, and now some users already have the feature in their own Facebook app.

A Facebook spokesperson confirmed the addition of Your Topics, and said, “We’re working on more ways to connect people with videos that match their interests.”

Once the users have this feature, they can access it on their own by clicking the Profile icon in the Facebook Watch tab on mobile, then clicking the “Your Topics” link to browse the available categories.

The subcategories which one can actually follow or unfollow are grouped underneath broader category pages, like Animals, Art & Design, Business, Education, Science & Tech, Books, Fashion & Style, Transportation, History & Philosophy, Home & Garden, Games, Music, Performing Arts, Sports, Travel & Leisure, TV & Movies, and Food.

However, you can’t follow these categories themselves – you have to click inside the categories to follow any individual topics. These can be very specific and niche. For example, within Animals, users could follow #EndangeredSpecies or #GoldenRetrievers. Within Travel & Leisure, they could follow #TravelOceania or #WinterActivities.

Once you follow a topic, a message will confirm your choice and the topic will appear under “Topics You Follow” in the Your Topics section of Facebook Watch. Users also have an option to unfollow the topic later if they decide they want to see less of it in their feed.

Facebook alerted users about the new feature via a pop-up in Watch on the Facebook mobile app. There was a post giving details that Facebook will now be focusing on delivering more videos related to the #Topics you follow.

The message said, “Watch feed and how your videos get categorized is determined due to many different reasons, you may see videos in your Watch feed that you aren’t interested in.”

However, the message also warned. “Some videos related to the #Topics or Pages you follow may not appear in your Watch feed.”

The new feature may likely make Facebook Watch more competitive with YouTube, whereas to date there has been a larger focus on connecting users with individual channels to subscribe to.

Not only Facebook but Twitter also has its own Topics feature, too, which showcases top tweets that match a particular interest. These may or may not contain videos.


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