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Facebook to Hide Like Counts as well

Facebook is Launching Facebook Pay for WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook

Earlier this year, Instagram started testing the feature to hide like counts. The feature has been tested in many countries till now. Facebook might start testing this as well. People who are part of the test seem to like it, too. App researcher, Jane Manchun Wong found code inside Facebook’s Android app that hides the exact amount of likes on a post from everyone but the original poster.

Users will now just see a few reaction emoji and a note that it was liked by “[a friend] and others” instead of a specific number of other people. Facebook confirmed that it’s considering a test that would hide like counts, but that the test hasn’t started running yet.

While the likes have been a key feature of Facebook, users have increasingly complained that it can make them feel bad. People often worry about whether their posts get enough likes. People often may not post things they fear won’t get likes, or they may delete things that didn’t perform well. By removing the public-facing like count, Facebook could resolve some of that pressure.

If the tests leads to more posts on Facebook, and more time spent on Facebook, then it is likely that tests like these continue to expand.


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