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Twitter restarts Your Twitter data feature again to let users see what hackers can nab

Twitter restarts Your Twitter data feature - Appy Pie

Twitter has re-enabled the facility to download archives of “Your Twitter Data,” feature as a precaution against further hacking. The feature was re-launched nearly two months after shutting off and now users will once again get to know what kind of data Twitter stores on them.

Users now on will get to know what those hackers could have stolen during the Bitcoin scam. To use the “Your Twitter Data” feature, the users just need to go to Settings > Account > Your Twitter data and they will be able to see a screen where they can type in a password to start the transfer. If users are using a phone app, it may push them over to the mobile website as a substitute. It might take a while before the archive is ready.

Now to download user Twitter Data the user needs to be logged into Twitter on the web. The user just needs to click More in the main navigation menu to the left of the timeline> Select Settings and privacy>Choose Privacy and safety>Select Personalization and data>Click See your Twitter data>Confirm password, and then select Request archive.

“Your Twitter Data” feature can give users insights into the type of information stored for their account. It provides an easy way for users to view details about their account, and to make changes as they fit.

Your Twitter data also provides users with a snapshot of user Twitter information like username, phone numbers, or email addresses associated with the user account, and their account creation details.

Users will also be able to see certain information that they might have provided to Twitter initially, such as birthday and profile location. Whether the users are logged in or not, they will be able to view certain information like gender and age range. Users can also update or edit most of this information at any time. However, the account creation detail is not editable.

Users can also view the browsers and mobile devices associated with their account if they are logged in or current device if they are logged out and also the apps the users have connected to their Twitter account. Users will also be able to check the accounts they have blocked or muted.

The Bitcoin scam impacted high-profile accounts including President Barack Obama, Democratic nominee Joe Biden, and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, and hackers also got access to some of these “Your Twitter Data” archives, possibly stealing private messages and other personal data of some users. Twitter shut the feature off as a precaution.