Amazon is Planning For More Proactive Approach to Moderate Its AWS Platform

As per the reports from Reuters, the tech giant Amazon is preparing to increase the size of their in-house moderation team for taking a proactive approach in determining the type of content hosted on Amazon Web Services. The team will be responsible for seeking out objectionable content on AWS servers, such as content promoting violence and removing it. Thus, Amazon is aiming to improve its threat monitoring capability against the data criticized for inciting social problems.

Amazon neither confirmed nor denied their plans of restricting the data but confirmed that content wouldn’t be pre-reviewed before posting on the platform. The company is planning first to request customers to remove or moderate content and then take down the content if an acceptable agreement won’t strike with customers.

Acceptable Use Policy for AWS forbids computer intrusions, illegal or fraudulent activities, content promoting or inciting violence, and other crimes. However, the enforcement of policy largely relies on external reports instead of in-house teams. Amazon is now considering a more aggressive approach of enforcement after the similar major announcements by giants including Facebook, YouTube, Apple Inc. As per one of the representatives, “As AWS continues to expand, this team (like most teams in AWS) will continue to grow.”

Earlier this year, after the Jan 6 Capitol riot, Amazon kicked social media app Parler off its AWS as the content was promoting violence. Last week also, Amazon shut down one of the websites featuring propaganda of the Islamic State. The website celebrated the suicide bombing, which resulted in the death of over 170 Afghans and 13 US. This pre-emptive approach of Amazon to regulate their cloud server AWS might fuel up the conservatives’ concerns over the supposed censorship on AWS.

“AWS Trust & Safety works to protect AWS customers, partners, and internet users from bad actors attempting to use our services for abusive or illegal purposes. When AWS Trust & Safety is made aware of abusive or illegal behavior on AWS services, they act quickly to investigate and engage with customers to take appropriate actions,” AWS said in a statement.

Amazon is actively hiring for the AWS trust and safety team to protect AWS against a wide variety of abuse across the world. The team within AWS won’t be responsible for shifting the vast amount of content hosted on the cloud but the aim of getting ahead of future threats like extremist groups.

Many of the reputable businesses are in support of Amazon’s actions, including Melissa Ryan, founder of CARD Strategies, a consulting firm that helps organizations understand extremism and online toxicity threats who said, “If (Amazon) can get some of this stuff off proactively before it’s discovered and becomes a big news story, there’s value in avoiding that reputational damage.”


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