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WhatsApp reveals six vulnerabilities on its new Security site

WhatsApp reveals six vulnerabilities - Appy Pie

Facebook’s WhatsApp messaging platform has revealed six of its previously undisclosed vulnerabilities, which the company has already now fixed on a dedicated security advisory website.

WhatsApp said that five of the six vulnerabilities were fixed in the same day, while the remaining last bug took about a couple of days to be fixed. The company said some of the bugs could have been remotely triggered but it also said that it did not find any evidence of hackers actively exploiting the vulnerabilities.

The vulnerabilities are being reported by the company on a dedicated security advisory website that will from now on serve as the new resource providing a comprehensive list of WhatsApp security updates.

It is evident for WhatsApp to have a dedicated security advisory site where it can list all the security issues. The arrival of the new site also suggests that the security team behind the world’s most popular messaging app could focus more on identifying and patching flaws to resist past issues.

The company says the WhatsApp users have been demanding a centralized location for tracking security vulnerabilities, and WhatsApp to date has not always been able to detail its security advisories due to app store policies. However, the new website was launched as part of the company’s efforts to be transparent about vulnerabilities targeting the messaging app, and in response to user feedback.

The company, which has been previously criticized for not being transparent enough regarding these vulnerabilities and attempted attacks, said that now a centralized location for tracking security vulnerabilities is possible with the website.

In a blog post, WhatsApp said, “We are very committed to transparency and this resource is intended to help the broader technology community benefit from the latest advances in our security efforts. We strongly encourage all users to ensure they keep their WhatsApp up-to-date from their respective app stores and update their mobile operating systems whenever updates are available.”

This is not the first time that Whatsapp is fixing its vulnerabilities, last year also WhatsApp went public after fixing a vulnerability allegedly used by Israeli spyware maker NSO Group. WhatsApp sued the spyware maker, blaming the company that it used the vulnerability to covertly deliver its Pegasus spyware to some 1,400 devices — including more than 100 human rights defenders and journalists.

WhatsApp is one of the world’s most popular apps, with more than 2 billion users around the world. The growing popularity of WhatsApp has made it the focus of hackers worldwide, who always try to find and exploit vulnerabilities in the platform.