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Google’s Phone app to be introduced to more devices with verified calls

Google - Appy Pie

Google has announced a new Verified Calls feature for its phone app, which has been designed to give more information when any business is calling a user. The features of the app will show the name of the caller or company’s name, it’s branding, a small badge to show that it’s verified, and alos a reason for its call.

Due to the number of spam callers, people are usually hesitant and cautious to pick up calls especially from a random number. Google feels that this impacts companies, who need to get in touch with customers who don’t have their number saved, negatively. Google is launching this new feature that will provide users more information about who is calling and to reduce the number of spam calls people are tricked into picking up.

Depending on how companies use it, the verified calls feature could be extremely helpful by letting people know who’s calling and also help in avoiding spam calls.

The feature is being introduced to the Google Phone app, which typically comes preloaded on Pixel and Android One phones.

However, as per Google the feature will be available to download on a limited set of additional phones running Android Pie and higher version, including some flagship handsets from LG and Samsung. The compatible phones will be able to download the app from the Google Play Store and then set it as their default phone calling app.

Google further remarks that not every Google Phone feature will be available on every compatible device. Visual voicemail, call recording, and Call Screen will be exclusive to phones that come with the app preloaded. Google blamed hardware dependencies for the exclusivity.

According to a Google, verified calls work by having a business ping Google’s server with the details like its phone number, user phone number, and the reason for its call. The app on the user phone then compares the incoming call with the information it receives from Google, and if the two match, then it shows the call as verified. Google’s server then deletes this information just within minutes. This Google feature can be used by businesses regardless of whether they’re making calls in bulk or individually, and that it has safeguards in place to stop companies from abusing it.

Google revealed that it has been testing Verified Calls for a few months, and in that time, data has shown that people are more likely to answer their phone with the feature turned on. For instance, Google feels that banks calling to alert their customer about a possible fraudulent and deceitful transaction can increase answer rates by stating the call reason.

Last year, Google had introduced  Verified SMS  in Messages for Android to reduce spam.  Google said it found an increase in consumer trust after releasing its Verified SMS feature last year.

The Google Phone app is now enhancing Verified Calls capability as the dialer officially becomes available for many more non-Pixel devices.

Google is hoping to bring the dialer to as many users as possible and also plans to monitor user feedback to make sure no compatibility concerns arise.

Google said that verified calls are rolling out in the US, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, and India starting today, and later it plans to add more countries over time. The Google Phone app will be available to download for user later this week.


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