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Spotify adds virtual event listings to its app

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Spotify announced that it is adding virtual event listings to its app. These event listings will allow music fans to see when their favorite artists will be playing live — even if only via a livestream. The users will be able to use these listings through the On Tour section of artist profiles as well as in Spotify’s Concerts hub.

As the coronavirus pandemic has shut down music tours this year, the craving for live shows is a constant theme across social media. The company said in a blog post, the pandemic seems to stay, and any return to normalcy for the music industry is likely far away.

As per Spotify Artists also have the option to set their own events as Artist Choice. The company said that artists will be able to list their events streaming on any platform, like Twitch, Instagram Live, YouTube Live, a hosted website, or anything else.

The company is adding virtual concerts to an artist’s “On Tour” listing in their profile, making it easier to know where an artist is holding a virtual event. From today onwards, users will be able to see upcoming online events for their favorite artist or band whether they’re hosting them on Twitch, YouTube Live, Instagram Live, or a self-hosted website.

The new event listings feature is rolling out now to the Concerts hub under Browse on desktop and Search on mobile as well as to participating artist profiles.

Other virtual events will be automatically imported to the platform and all because of Spotify’s existing partnerships with Songkick and Ticketmaster.

Virtual events uploaded via Songkick will now automatically start showing on both artist profiles and the concert hub. A select number of Ticketmaster events will also be listed on Spotify, the company says. This new feature is are not at all surprising, as most major ticketing services have shifted their focus to online and virtual events due to the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns and this has limited real-world dating, such as concerts.

Artists have also tried to connect with fans online, often doing live streams or even paid streaming concerts. However, today’s virtual gig business is only helping to make up for lost tour revenue for the most part, not completely replacing it.

The company said, “With most tours postponed until 2021 and online concerts set to continue, Spotify has plans to make it easy for fans to learn about the ongoing on new virtual events—whether for artists you already love or for those you’re discovering for the very first time.”

Spotify wants to make it easier for you to attend concerts in the 2020 way — virtually, probably with wireless earbuds on in your room or other socially distanced settings.

There probably won’t be many artists holding live concerts anyway due to the ongoing pandemic, as globally most of the countries roll out limitations on indoor events, this feature of Spotify is a safe compromise for both artists and patrons.