Google to now scan malicious files for Advanced Protection users

Google can scan malicious files - Appy Pie

Google is now offering a new risky files scanning feature to Chrome users enrolled in its Advanced Protection Program (APP).

Google has pushed out the new feature that lets users scan dubious files by sending it to the cloud for a thorough checkup. The service has Google’s strongest security measures to combat the risk of targeted online security attacks.

Google’s APP was built with extra security features in Chrome with an aim to protect high-profile people who are at a bigger risk of being targeted by online attacks.

Users who enroll for the feature will be able to send files that Advanced Protection suspects are malicious to be scanned in full by Google’s Safe Browsing malware-detection technology.

This feature brings other safeguards in place to protect Google accounts for public figures, like activists, journalists, politicians.

Now Chrome will need permission from the user to access upload it and scan it in full by the Safe Browsing which will perform a quick check using metadata to evaluate whether it appears suspicious or not. After that, the file will be deleted from the Google servers.

The program needs two physical security keys to use, with one acting as a backup. And if an Advanced Protection user loses access to their account, Google has additional steps to verify their identity so the information or account doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

The feature has been active since August and has been warning users and blocking potentially harmful files. Google warns the users that attackers are moving away from sending malware through email as Gmail’s security feature scans every file in an attachment as well as URLs.

Google detailed an overview of the Advanced Protection Program and said, “When a user downloads any file, the Safe Browsing will perform a quick check using metadata, to evaluate whether it appears potentially suspicious or unsafe. For any downloads, that the Safe Browsing feature believes to be risky, but not clearly unsafe, the user will be given a warning.”

Previously, the APP features just flagged or blocked a download that was deemed to be a concern. However, now if a downloaded file seems to be suspicious, a new option will be available for enrolled users of the feature to send it for a detailed scan.

This new feature is an addition to the various other safeguards Google has in place to protect the accounts of public figures.


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