YouTube Makes Changes to its Verification Program

YouTube Makes Major Changes to its Kids' Content System

After some major changes to its policies in the last few months, YouTube is now making changes to its verification program. The changes will make it difficult for growing channels to get a verification mark beside their channel name. The change will also take the mark away from many creators who don’t meet the new criteria.

The current system allows anyone with more than 100,000 subscribers to be verified. Now, the company will be emphasizing verifying prominent channels that have a “clear need for proof of authenticity,” according to the company. This includes traditional YouTubers, musicians, comedians, and artists, among others.

Verification is an extremely important feature for creators as it affects which creators get top recommendations when people search for something on YouTube. Channels that no longer meet the new criteria and may have their badge removed will be notified today. Creators will also have the option to appeal the decision before the change takes place in late October.

Losing the checkmark is going to leave creators feeling upset, especially at a time when many people have criticized YouTube’s treatment of their community. The company’s new authenticity rules say that: a channel must be owned and operated by the person or company it claims to be in order to get a checkmark or other verification mark.

Under the new policy, YouTube’s team will handle verification on their end, according to a press release. Channels that meet the new requirements don’t have to apply for verification as it will automatically be handed out.

Following the announcement, many YouTube creators complained primarily on Twitter that YouTube was already stripping them of their badges. Clarifying about the complaints, the company said in a tweet: “Additional clarification:

✔️No one lost a verification badge today – If you received an email that your channel will no longer be verified, this was just an advanced notice & you can appeal

✔️The checkmark has never appeared on YouTube mobile channel pages (this will be added soon)

In additional tweets, YouTube said: “We’re making this change to help everyone determine whether a channel is the official YouTube presence of the creator they’re looking for. Please know that badge or no badge, you’re an important part of YouTube.”


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