YouTube Backtracks on its Verification Changes

YouTube Makes Major Changes to its Kids' Content System

This news story is an update to previous story featured on Appy Pie News.

On Thursday, YouTube announced that the company will be bringing major changes to its verification program and that it will be taking away verification badges from many people. YouTube is now almost completely backtracking on the verification system changes it announced. The change comes after major outcry from creators all over the world.

All YouTubers who are currently verified will get to keep their verification status, and YouTubers who are not yet verified will still be able to apply for it once they hit 100,000 subscribers, as creators have in the past. However, the company will be keeping one major change: channels who now seek verification will have to meet the new criteria, and the company will actually verify that channels are authentic.

This is all quite different from the original plan. YouTube had indicated it was going to limit verification to only established brands and the biggest personalities. It meant that the typical YouTuber seemingly had no chance of being verified unless they became a top creator on the site. Not only that, but YouTube would even go back and strip verification status from YouTubers who it felt did not need the protection.

There was considerable backlash from the community after the announcement was made. YouTubers often viewed verification as a status symbol, but it also helped them appear authoritative in search and communicate in comments. Losing that would have hurt their ability to thrive on the platform.

After seeing the feedback from the community, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki apologized earlier saying, “I’m sorry for the frustration & hurt that we caused with our new approach to verification. While trying to make improvements, we missed the mark.”

Another small change is still going to be made: YouTube plans to get rid of the checkmark used to denote verification and replace it with a badge over a channel’s name. These changes won’t go into effect until next year. The changes were originally supposed to go into effect in October.


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