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YouTube adds links to fight mail-in voting before Election Day

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YouTube has begun to add information panels to videos about voting by mail to reduce the spread of misinformation till the US presidential poll in November.

A brief checklist is added that listed information related to posts carrying the false information or the fake news.

Questions like “how to vote” will take YouTube users to scrutinized information from non-partisan third-party partners about state voting rules, ID requirements, registration, and deadlines.

The company provided details saying, “Once the YouTube user enters a query — how to vote, the information panel will take the user to the ‘how to vote’ feature which comprises of a tool that offers detailed information and guidance in voting.”

YouTube will start attaching a box with vetted facts about mail-in voting on any videos that discuss the topic. These searches will surface in both English and Spanish.

YouTube also plans to add reminders during key moments for the 2020 polls, reminding users to register and informing them how and where to vote.

YouTube also has plans to introduce two new YouTube Originals to spread helpful election-related information through innovative and creative ways. As the user types the ‘YouChoose 2020’ an interactive voting special will take him through all the steps in the voting process. Also, there is the ‘Kid Correspondent’ that is a four-part election special on YouTube and YouTube Kids. This will help parents and families better understand elections and civic engagement.

The platform further said that it would also be uploading information related to the Election Assistance Commission volunteering at the polls. A user during these elections will be able to easily access live coverage from genuine sources during key election-related events.

YouTube’s move comes in as President Trump said last week at a press conference announced that voting by mail was prone to fraud compared to in-person ballot voting.

YouTube is stepping up its measures against misinformation for the upcoming US election. The online video-sharing platform announced a wide range of new changes, like changes to the search results for presidential and other candidates. As already said the platform has also promised to provide the users with key moments ahead of the November 3 elections and reminders about registrations on YouTube.

The platform’s fact-checking info boxes resemble info labels on Twitter and Facebook. The video-sharing platform first rolled out these info panels in 2018, and this year the company expanded them to address misinformation on the social media platform around the COVID-19 pandemic.


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