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Facebook will ban ads that falsely claim election victory

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Facebook plans to ban ads that falsely claim victory in the US presidential race. Ads that make claims of widespread voting fraud, or suggest US pool results would be invalid, or which attack any method of voting are also banned.

The news comes almost after a week the company announced that it would reject ads from Donald Trump or Joe Biden claiming a premature win on November 3rd.

The policy will cover ads that claim legal forms of voting like the voting by mail will corrupt the election results. It also bans ads that claim widespread voter fraud could alter and hamper the results of the election.

This is a very big concern for the 2020 political race. Due to mail-in voting this time, the electoral process is expected to take longer than in years past, and the official results likely won’t be announced on November 3rd.

Trump has been extremely critical of mail-in ballots, and even he took examples of a number of small unrelated incidents to verify that fraud was already happening at a large scale. Experts are concerned as more Democrats are expected to vote by mail than Republicans there could be a fraud.

The ban also covers ads that delegitimize any lawful method or process of voting or voting tabulation as illegal, inherently fraudulent or corrupt.”

Facebook said that the new election ad prohibition would include those that portray voting or census participation as useless/meaningless.

Google likely enforced this last week, when it said that it would ban election ads after polls close on November 3rd.

On the same note, Facebook is planning to limit the spread of misinformation over the voting with ad policies aiming at the 2020 election. It already banned new political ads the week before the US election. Now it’s looking to ban ads after the election, too.

Facebook has been under scrutiny for refusing to fact-check political ads more broadly and for widespread organic misinformation.

Over hate speech rules, Facebook has also moved to remove Trump campaign ads suggesting that immigrants could be a significant source of coronavirus infections.


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