Apple Now Lets Customers Rate and Review Pre-Installed Apps on the App Store

People can now rate and review pre-installed iPhone apps like Maps, Podcasts, Mail, and others on the App Store, bringing Apple’s apps up to speed with how users critique and praise third-party apps on the market. According to an online report by 9to5Mac, Apple has quietly enabled App Store rating and reviews for its own apps. This means that you can now appreciate the improvements made to Maps and trash the Mail app.

When compared to other third-party programs that have been active for a long time, such as Gmail or Google Maps, the number of ratings is rather low. The low ratings, on the other hand, will come as no surprise. As of this writing, Apple’s Podcasts client has two stars, while Apple News has 2.3. With a three-star rating, Maps has only partially repaired its reputation. Some users are utilizing the ratings and reviews to complain about technical flaws rather than design issues, like how they do with third-party software.

The changes give Apple’s apps a more level playing field, and it may even aid the corporation in detecting and responding to criticism. It could also see as another method to boost the App Store’s public image. In addition to an Epic lawsuit that could force Apple to change its App Store policies soon, the iPhone manufacturer has already ceased favoring its own apps in rankings and lowered its part of small developers’ app profits. Ratings and reviews won’t affect Apple’s image substantially, but they won’t hurt either.

Apple and its teams are now better equipped to receive more direct input for individual apps for iPhone and iPad by opening up their apps to ratings and reviews. This change also nixes a potential objection from Apple’s adversaries, who may have previously argued that Apple was anti-competitive by withholding ratings and reviews for pre-installed apps in light of recent App Store litigation.

With each minor iOS and iPadOS update, Apple refines and tweaks all its apps, but major changes, such as those that are likely to be requested through ratings and reviews, are unlikely to arrive sporadically throughout the year; instead, users will have to wait until the next major iOS release to see if their wishes have been granted.


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