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Reddit has Updated its Anti-Harassment Policy and Bans Major Forums

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Reddit has updated its anti-harassment and anti-bullying policy. The company has revised its policies to make cracking down on abuse easier. An administrator by the username, u/landoflobsters, saying that the “narrowness” of their earlier policy had reduced its effectiveness. These new changes broaden the definition of threats, harassment, and bullying, and allow bystanders (not just victims) to report violations of the rules. This policy applies to entire subreddits, not only individual users, and it appears to have resulted in several subreddits getting banned.

Regarding the old policy, the administrator, u/landoflobsters, said in a post, “The old policy required a behavior to be “continued” and/or “systematic” for us to be able to take action against it as harassment. It also set a high bar of users fearing for their real-world safety to qualify, which we think is an incorrect calibration. Finally, it wasn’t clear that abuse toward both individuals and groups qualified under the rule. All these things meant that too often, instances of harassment and bullying, even egregious ones, were left unactioned.”

The post further stated, “The changes we’re making today are trying to better address that, as well as to give some meta-context about the spirit of this rule: chiefly, Reddit is a place for conversation. Thus, behavior whose core effect is to shut people out of that conversation through intimidation or abuse has no place on our platform.”

Along with many other subreddits, the company has banned these major subreddits:

  • r/Braincels
  • r/subforwhitepeopleonly
  • r/fragilejewishredditor
  • r/PissEarthBegins
  • r/ihatewhitepeople
  • r/Ice_Poseidon
  • r/Ice_Poseidon2
  • r/ice_poseidon3
  • r/SocioEconomics
  • r/gentilesunited

That list includes r/Braincels, a major forum for the virulently misogynist incel movement, which is currently in the news after the US Army speculated that members might target screenings of the film Joker.


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