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Golden raises funds to build a wiki-type database of tech information

Golden raises $14.5M - Appy Pie

Golden, a startup aiming to map all human knowledge, announced that it has raised USD 14.5 million in Series A funding. The funding round was led by the previous investor Andreessen Horowitz, with the firm’s co-founder Marc Andreessen joining the startup’s board of directors. The new funding will be used primarily for expanding Golden’s team. The company has about 15 employees and is planning on doubling its headcount.

According to a statement from Golden, “The funding round also included investors including DCVC, Harpoon Ventures, and Gigafund.”

The startup Golden uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and humans to collect public information on various topics. According to CEO Jude Gomila, “Most of the information collected by the company is fragmented, and Golden compiles that information from sources like news articles and databases.”

Gomila further said most of the data in Golden is gathered using artificial intelligence and natural language processing, “We’re using AI to extract information from the news, from websites, from public databases.”

On the vision of the company Gomila said, “The vision is we’re trying to build a big database of knowledge and this is across everything eventually, and Golden will be initially focusing on science, technology.”

While the company is based in San Francisco, it is hiring where the talent is, Gomila added although the company’s employee base will tend to be more US based.

When Golden launched last year, founder and CEO Jude Gomila had said that that his goal was to create a knowledge base focused on areas where Wikipedia’s coverage is often spotty, particularly emerging technology and startups.

Gomila said this week that the companies, technologies, and the people involved in them remain Golden’s strength. The company has an emphasis on explaining and clustering information on big topics like quantum computing and COVID-19, rather than just aggregating key data about companies and people.

Gomila added, “The ultimate aim is to try and automate as much of this as possible, this hybrid is the most effective method.”

Marc Andreessen said in a statement, “Golden’s knowledge base and research engine collects information about emerging technologies and the companies, investors, and builders behind them. Human and machine intelligence, working together on the Golden Platform, is the result of the knowledge that gives people an edge in decision making and reducing uncertainty.”

Golden has also started working with paying customers including government agencies, private equity firms, hedge funds, biotechnology companies, VCs, and, corporate innovation offices. The company also said it signed a contract worth USD 1 million with the US Air Force this year.

These customers will be paying for access to the research engine of Golden, which includes the company’s Query Tool. They will also pay for the company’s ability to prepare research on a particular topic. Golden has now raised a total of USD 19.5 million.


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