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New improved Google Photos editor is rolling out on Android

Google Photos - Appy Pie

Google will soon be rolling out a new editing mode for Google Photos on Android, which adds machine learning-powered automatic suggestions, and improved tools for more granular manual controls to help make photos look even better.

Google will add a new tab within the editor that will provide artificial intelligence (AI) powered smart suggestions for photo editing.

Google Photos is one of the most useful tools to have as backing up and storing photos in the cloud is easy to use. The one-tap suggestions build on the existing Google Photos suggestions feature helps users edit their photos in terms of brightening, rotating, or archiving a picture while viewing it.

The new Google Photos editor will offer smart suggestions and easy-to-use granular adjustments. There’s a new tab in the editor that will offer suggestions powered by machine learning. Users will see suggestions like enhance and color pop as editing options for photos. The new editor will also show the specific edits so you know how the photo looks different. Google plans to add more such suggestions that will help photos such as portraits, landscapes, sunsets stand out.

The Suggestions tab will use machine learning to provide suggestions that are tailored to the specific photo that a user is editing.

It will also provide existing suggestions such as Enhance and Color Pop. For the photo editing app on Pixel devices, Google will be adding more suggestions later on.

Google wrote in an official blog post that if the user wants to see the changes that were applied, suggestions will show up the specific edits that changed the photo, giving the user access to customize it further.

Portrait Light is a new feature that will be soon introduced to select Pixel devices for portrait photos taken. This feature will use machine learning to improve the lighting on faces in portraits and in the photo but you will also be able to further edit and enhance through Google Photos. Users will be able to adjust the light position and brightness post-capture through the Google Photos app. Users will also be able to add it for photos even if they’re not captured in portrait mode and were previously taken and saved on the camera roll.

It will help make granular adjustments such as brightness, light position, contrast, saturation, warmth, etc. easier to use with the editor’s new layout post-capture. Users can scroll their editing options within the layout.

This feature is currently available only on the new Pixels but it will roll out to older models soon. Google Photos has received a set of neat updates over the last few months, which includes a map view and improved search functionality. Now the updated editor UI will be soon rolling out now to Google Photos for Android.


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