Twilio bring in an app for frontline workers, a free video toolkit, and a new IoT platform

Twilio - Appy Pie

Twilio, a company based in San Francisco, California, is launching a host of new features and products. However, these are not groundbreaking new features. The core Twilio services have been in place for a while now.

The most interesting launch for developers is the general availability of Twilio’s Video Web RTC Go. The free video service allows users to add 1:1 video chats to your web and mobile applications. The company remarked that this is not a free trial, but users have a limit to 25 GB of bandwidth through Twilio’s relays per month or about 100,000 participant minutes. Users also get logging and diagnostic features.

The second important announcement is the launch of Twilio’s IoT service – the Microvisor IoT platform. Twilio acquired IoT hardware and software specialist Electric Imp early this year and then it started with cellular connectivity through its Super SIM product. The motive behind the Microvisor IoT platform is to give embedded developers all the tools they need to build connected devices and tools to keep them updated and secure.

Quinton Wall, Twilio’s Senior Director for Platform and Developer Experience said, “Twilio Video WebRTC Go is a free tier and a free offering for developers to get started building those one-to-one video connections for distance learning and client consultations — all those things that users might have a need for in the new scenario that we’ve seen evolve through the pandemic. And what we really wanted to do is take away all the barriers and make a free tier that gives them all the tools that they need to build on top of WebRTC to get going. ”

Lastly, there’s Twilio Frontline. Though this is not a product for the developer it is a React Native-based app for frontline workers who may need to communicate with customers. If an employee in a store needs to talk to a customer who is waiting outside this app helps as it focuses on chat, with support for SMS, WhatsApp, and web-based and in-app chat clients. The Frontline app can also be integrated with current existing enterprise authentication and the CRM system.

One more introduction Event Streams, a new API, helps developers aggregate data from all of their Twilio-powered experiences across voice, SMS, wireless connectivity through Super SIM, TaskRouter, and more. The idea here is to give users a better understanding of how these channels are being used and less so for understanding their bills and more for helping them build tools that allow businesses to better understand how they are interacting with customers.


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