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Bing search engine to get new rebranding as Microsoft Bing

Bing - Appy Pie

Microsoft has announced that it is ready to rebrand its Bing search engine as Microsoft Bing as a part of its rebranding effort.

The company announced the shift from Bing to Microsoft Bing in a blog post. The reason behind rebranding Bing to Microsoft Bing as per the company is a shift in the product that reflects the continued integration of our search experiences across the Microsoft family. Microsoft Search appears inside Bing to provide organizations some type of intranet search for documents.

The new brand and logo Microsoft Bing have become a part of Bing homepage. Thus with the new rebranding, Bing will be using its own logo and a Microsoft Bing logo on the homepage of its search engine. Though Microsoft was not been very clear if will finally retire the Bing logo and use this more Microsoft-oriented logo or simply just use both the logos in the future.

Microsoft has expanded what appears to be A/B testing – where some people see the old Bing brand and logo and some see Microsoft Bing, according to Paul Thurrott, an award-winning technology blogger.

The company has been trying and testing Bing logos in recent months, and some of them are also appearing in the company’s search engine temporarily.

Bing is not the first product of the company to get the Microsoft badge. The search engine has also been choosing to add Microsoft to many of its products off late, like changing the Windows Store to Microsoft Store, and Office 365 moving to Microsoft 365. Other products like Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Edge already feature the company branding, while Surface and Xbox is largely not a part of Microsoft’s broader branding efforts so far.

Bing itself is a rebranded version of Microsoft’s previous search engines like MSN Search, Live Search, and Windows Live Search.

Rebranding Bing to Microsoft Bing is more or less the company’s efforts to take on Google Search, which till now is the most popular search engine worldwide.

Microsoft also announced – Give with Bing, which helps users make a difference just by searching. Give with Bing is an extension of Microsoft Rewards that lets users earn points simply by searching on Microsoft Bing, and allows them to automatically donate those points to causes one cares about.

Other than rebranding, Microsoft has been gradually improving its separate Microsoft Search product, which powers results across Windows, Office, and more.

Market reports show that in September 2020 Google Search has a market share of 92.26 percent, compared to Bing’s 2.83 percent worldwide. We need to wait and watch how rebranding will give Bing an edge over Google.


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