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Twitter likely to Introduce New Features to Simplify DMs

Twitter - Appy Pie

Twitter seems to be working on a set of new features that could make it easier to manage direct messages and retweeting by any user.

The first time someone sends a direct message on Twitter, it is received in the form of a message request. Users have the option to either accept or delete the message or block the sender. And until any action is taken, the sender does not know if the message has been read. Such requests are segregated in a separate list other than the accepted DMs.

The feature is not live on Twitter yet, nor is there an official word on when it arrives. This is likely one less reason to lock new DM requests entirely.

Twitter is likely engaged in developing new options for users and these new options might make it simpler to handle direct messages and retweeting. Twitter may soon introduce this new option to let users mute these incoming DM requests. This will take the one-sided chats on Twitter to the end of your message request list, making it easier for a user to defer any further action. As planned the user will not be informed of future messages in the same conversation and they can simply ignore the requests without overtly blocking the senders.

Not only this, but Twitter is also working on simplifying retweets. The new feature eradicates the need of choosing between retweeting and quoting a tweet from a dropdown when the user hit the retweet button. The new option will directly open the tweet composer when the users hit retweet. The user as now will still have an option to add some text to quote a tweet or just leave the box empty to post a simple retweet.

It saves an extra click for those users who, more often than not, wish adding some text or their thoughts to the retweets.

The two simple useful leaks add to a growing list of features that Twitter is said to be working on. The one more eagerly awaited feature is Birdwatch. It’s an attempt by Twitter to crowdsource feedback, suggestions, and reign in on the spreaders of misinformation giving the platform a bad name.


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