Hulu is Giving Customers More Control over their Recommendations

Hulu is Giving Customers More Control over their Recommendations

Recently, Hulu is rolled out the long-awaited feature of offline downloads. Hulu has now announced a host of improvements to the experience of actually using Hulu. It’s changing the method by which subscribers give feedback on the service’s recommendations. The company is introducing a like and dislike system, letting you give a thumbs-up or thumbs-down to the movies and TV shows that the algorithm suggests.

Disliking a piece of content will prevent it from being recommended again. This replaces the “stop showing this” option that Hulu already had. Liking something tells Hulu that you want to see similar shows and movies surfaced by the app. The new like and dislike system is rolling out on the web and Amazon Fire TV devices, Xbox One, the Nintendo Switch, select LG/Samsung/Android TVs, Vizio, Chromecast and SmartCast. Hulu says the feature will come to other devices soon.

Over the coming weeks and months, Hulu says it will be “displaying the most relevant collections for you and ordering them based on your watch preferences.” If you never watch kids’ content, for instance, all of those collections will drop lower in the home feed.

Jason Wong, Hulu’s director of product management, wrote in a blog post, “Recommendations and human curation work hand in hand at Hulu to deliver just the right mix of content for our viewers – personalized recommendations, curated collections, and everything in between.”


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