Google Launches a Slew of Search Updates

Google - Appy Pie

Google has announced a number of improvements to its core search engine. The updates have a strong focus on how the company is using AI to help its users. The updates include the ability to better answer questions with very specific answers, very broad questions and a new algorithm to better handle the typos in your queries.

Most of the updates are meant to be useful, but some are also just fun. Users will now be able to hum a song and the Google Assistant will try to find the right song for you. As Google noted, 1 in 10 search queries is misspelled. The company already does a pretty good job dealing with those through its “did you mean” feature. Now, the company is launching an improvement to this algorithm that uses a deep neural net with 680 million parameters to better understand the context of your search query.

Another new feature is an integration with various data sources, which were previously only available as part of Google’s Open Data Commons, into Search. Now, if you ask questions about something like “employment in New York,” Google’s Knowledge Graph will trigger and show you graphs with this data right on the Search results page.

Another update, the company announced today is its system’s ability to index parts of pages to better answer niche queries, like “how do I determine if my windows have UV glass?” The system can now point you right to a paragraph on a DIY forum. In total, this new system will improve about 7% of queries, Google said. Google is now also using its AI system to better understand the nuances of what a page is about to better answer these queries.

Google is now using advanced computer recognition and speech recognition to tag key moments in videos — that’s something you can already find in Search these days, but this new algorithm should make that even easier, especially for videos where the creators haven’t already tagged the content.

Other updates include an update to Google Lens that lets you ask the app to read out a passage from a photo of a book — no matter the language. Lens can now also understand math formulas — and then show you step-by-step guides and videos to solve it. This doesn’t just work for math, but also chemistry, biology and physics.

With the holiday shopping season is coming up, it’s maybe no surprise that Google also launched a number of updates to its shopping services. Specifically, the company is launching a new feature in Chrome and the Google App where you can now long-tap on any image and then find related products. The search will also show you related items that tend to show up in related images. If you’re shopping for a car, you will now also be able to get an AR view so you can see what they look like in your driveway.

In Google Maps, you will now also be able to point at a restaurant or other local business when you are using the AR walking directions to see their opening hours. Another new Maps feature is that Google will now also show live busyness information right on the map, so you don’t have to specifically search for a place to see how busy it currently is.


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