Google Assistant, Maps, and Search to now help users with information on where to vote

Google Assistant - Appy Pie

Google has announced a set of features across Google Assistant, Google Search, and Google Maps to help users looking for information on their voting locations. As Election Day approaches, most of the citizens are unaware of the nearest polling place or ballot drop box. Google will come to their rescue and help.

Now on Google Search, if a user searches for ‘ballot drop boxes near me’ will bring up a devoted tool for finding just that. To receive the information the users just need to add in their address where they are registered to vote, and accordingly, it’ll help them with the polling place. The same tool will even pop up if users have queries like ‘how to find polling place’ or ‘where to vote’, so there’s some flexibility of words allowed within it.

Or for those who possess an Assistant-powered system like a Nest Mini, Nest Hub, or an Android phone, they can just say ‘Hey Google, the place do I vote?’ and Assistant will have the ability to determine it out accordingly based mostly in their present location because it’ll be aware in its response, that the present location is the place the user is registered to vote.

The Google Maps integration is likely a little more limited in providing. Looking for ‘where can I vote’ from the Google Maps mobile program ends in a prompt which will push the user in the already mentioned web-based Google Search stream.

Even though the Maps integration is more restricted, still it will get the job performed. When the users have discovered their location, tapping the ‘Instructions’ button will swing them again into the Maps app.

Google says it’s procuring its polling location info from the Voting Data Venture as a part of a partnership with Democracy Works. The company added that it will be including extra polling locations till the Election Day, with an anticipation to have more than 200,000 within the system when all is claimed and performed.

There is an added option that if a user does not want to receive his polling location particulars and details from Google or just simply need to double-check issues or items there is a website like available for them. This website has been designed for those who’re curious, is what Siri recommends when prompted with the ‘The place do I vote?’ query. The website also provides a set of additional information on checking voter registration standing, turning into a ballot employee, and much more.


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