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Facebook Announces Major Updates Ahead of the 2020 US Elections

Facebook is Launching Facebook Pay for WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook

Facebook has been in hot waters for the past few months. From the leaked all-hands audio promising to “go to the mat” in a fight against a breakup of the company, to the controversy over the company’s decision not to fact-check paid political advertising, to Mark Zuckerberg’s big speech about speech, Facebook has sat at the center of the conversation about tech and politics.

Facebook announced a host of major updates designed to bolster the company’s defenses against election interference. The updates include new products, such as Facebook Protect, a set of enhanced security measures for the accounts of candidates and their campaign workers. It includes new labels for false content and for publishers whose governments have editorial control over them, such as Russia Today. And it includes new tools for understanding candidate ad spending, including a dedicated tracker for US presidential candidates and some new APIs for researchers.

Separately, the company also announced that it has disrupted four new networks of shady accounts originating in Iran and Russia, bringing the total of deceptive networks it has eliminated to more than 50.


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