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Twitter and White House deny claims that Trump’s account was hacked by Dutch researcher

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Twitter says it does not have evidence that Donald Trump’s account was hacked by a Dutch security researcher who claimed he accessed the president’s account using the password ‘maga2020!’ and shared a satirical Babylon Bee article.

The Dutch media reported the news, citing screenshots and interviews with the researcher, Victor Gevers. However, both Twitter and the White House vigorously denied the claim.

A Twitter spokesperson denying the claims said, “We’ve not witnessed any evidence to verify this claim. We have proactively implemented account security measures for high-profile, political Twitter accounts in the United States.”

Judd Deere, White House Deputy Press Secretary, also denied the news report saying, “This is not true, but we don’t comment on security procedures around the President’s social media accounts.”

Victor Gevers, a Dutch leader of the non-profit GDI Foundation, exposing data breaches to the public, said he had managed to guess Trump’s Twitter password after 7 attempts.

Gevers revealed that Trump had no extra securities in place on his account like two-factor authentication disabled to prevent hackers from accessing his account.

This move by Gevers comes four years after he along with two other Dutch ethical hackers allegedly managed to hack Trump’s account just 3 weeks before the 2016 election.

Gevers told the media that he accessed Trump’s Twitter account on October 16 after he decided to check the account was safe from cyber attack.

Gevers claimed that he also checked Biden’s account, trying out previously leaked passwords and finding that they had been changed or were incorrect.

He said, ‘I always run random checks. Whenever someone is in the news, I monitor. I ran a check on the Biden, Pence and Harris accounts also.’

The hacker tried using seven different passwords – ‘yourefired’, ‘MakeAmericaGreatAgain’, ‘MakeAmericaGreatAgain!’, ‘!IWillAmericaGreatAgain!’, ‘Maga2020’, ‘Maga2020!’ and ‘maga2020!’

Gevers said the last attempt – ‘maga2020!’ was accurate giving him access to Trump’s account, his direct messages, and Twitter history. The hacker also took credit for a tweet on October 16 where Trump shared a satirical Babylon Bee article.

He also said, “The day after the hack, Trump’s account had reactivated the two-step verification and the Secret Service contacted me to thank me for drawing their attention to the risk.”

The hacker Gevers said he tried to contact the White House and Trump directly to warn him about his lack of security.

Gevers says that despite gaining access to Trump’s account, he didn’t make changes to it. He said, “That is not ethical and goes too far. That is not covered by a responsible disclosure/coordinated vulnerability disclosure.”