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Facebook launches Facebook News tab in the United States

Facebook launches Facebook News tab in the United States

Facebook has been testing a new tab that will show latest news. The tab will be called Facebook News. It will roll out to a few hundred thousand users in the United States and host reporting from big publishers, including TheWall Street Journal, USA Today, and BuzzFeed. Facebook is also paying some participating publishers for their work.

Facebook said in a blog post, “People want and benefit from personalized experiences on Facebook, but we know there is reporting that transcends individual experience. We want to support both.” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is also scheduled to discuss the new tab onstage with News Corp. CEO Robert Thomson at an event in New York City.

Facebook News will be curated by a team of human editors. It’s led by a feature called Today’s Stories, which contains the day’s top events. The tab is also personalized based on what you read. You can also personalize the tab by using controls to hide publishers, articles, and subjects you are not interested in seeing.

The new feature has been met with controversy. One of Facebook’s “trusted” sources also include Breitbart, a far-right site which is a platform for the white nationalist “alt-right.” Breitbart has been criticized for repeated inaccurate and incendiary reporting, often at the expense of immigrants and people of color.


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