Google brings Halloween to life using augmented reality

Google - Appy Pie

Google has launched a series of interesting features driven by augmented reality on Google Search, which comes as an option when users search for Halloween using their mobile phone. This feature functions in both the Google Search App and the mobile browser.

Google never fails to surprise its customers. With Halloween around the corner, Google has surprised everyone. Users will find an AR Ghost on Google Search. There’s a dancing skeleton, a set of creepy jack-o’-lanterns, cats and dogs cats in costumes, too. There is also a hot dog (a dog in a hot dog costume), a pirate dog, and a magic cat.

These appear as an option when a user searches for specific Halloween terms using a mobile device.

Google explains the concept of Augmented Reality powered Halloween Ghost. For Android Phones when users search for the term Halloween and scroll down, they will see a box that prompts them to Summon up a 3D ghost. When they select the View in 3D option, they will be able to experience the ghost floating around in your room or your surroundings.

However, in an iPhone, when a user selects the View In 3-D option, the ghost won’t start moving on its own. The user will have to move his phone like what we do with the AR applications to move the ghost in their space.

Google says the features work well in both in the Google Search app and in the mobile browser. Once the AR object has been placed in the room of the users, they can move it around to view it from different angles, move closer or further away, or drag it around with a finger. The object even leaves a shadow on the floor, to make it look more real.

To light up the mood, even more, spooky Halloween music starts playing in the background for special effects. Then a user can then take a photo or a video to share elsewhere.

Users may also see a pop-up at the bottom of the main landing page that suggests them to try the new Augmented Reality feature.

Google has been experimenting with Augmented Reality features on Google Search for some time now. It has already offered 3D models of animals, dinosaurs, insects, places, spaceships, celestial bodies including the moon, the planets, and more, as well as biology terms, anatomical systems, chemistry terms, plus cars, shoes, and even Santa.

Besides the Augmented Reality Halloween search feature, Google also introduced two new doorbell ringtones for its Hello Nest devices, Black Cat and Werewolf. You can continue to use the sounds already introduced, like ghost, vampire, monster, or witch noises.

Google Assistant also tells Halloween-themed riddles and can sing a Halloween song.


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