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WhatsApp to soon permit users to report unwanted contacts, groups

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WhatsApp has announced that it is implementing an update to the platform that will allow users to report unwanted chats or groups on the app.

The feature presently is accessible to Android beta testers. The feature will also be rolled out for iOS beta testers as well soon. As far as the official rollout to regular users is concerned, it will likely take some time. WhatsApp is still testing the feature and once the feature is good to go, the messaging app will release it.

Once the users have access to the update they will be able to report both regular and business WhatsApp accounts, if they are spammed or harassed on the platform. However, the difference is that WhatsApp now wants some evidence before it acts against any account. The messaging app will ask users to submit a copy of recent messages from the chat to verify if the report is correct or not. So if a user reports an account, a message will say – Most recent messages from this user will be forwarded to WhatsApp.

This is just like how users can report accounts on Facebook that they find suspicious. However, WhatsApp has plans to only take action against the account after proper verification.

As per a fresh report by Wabetainfo, the Facebook-owned messaging app will take action against any account only after properly verifying it. The messaging service will then elaborate your report considering several factors. The company will first cross-verify how many users have reported against the individual in concern. If it finds several reports against the WhatsApp number, then that number will be blacklisted.

Presently if a user receives a message from an unknown contact or business, WhatsApp just asks them to report, block, or add the person to contacts. After the new update, WhatsApp will ask users to submit a copy of recent messages from the chat to double verify if a report is correct or not. This will help the company analyze the situation better and take action accordingly.

Now for groups, users get the option of exiting it. But with the replacement, when users report a group on WhatsApp, they agree to the terms that the most recent messages will be forwarded to WhatsApp for verification. Along with that, they also get the option of exiting the group and deleting this group’s messages.

When sharing a chat, a message will appear – WhatsApp never receives your messages without your permissions. If users decide to report a contact, they agree to forward a copy to WhatsApp of the recent messages from that chat.

This new feature will likely assist WhatsApp to take the right action. The messaging app is working on many more new features that will be released in the future.


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