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Facebook and Instagram to announce US election result via notifications

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Facebook has announced plans to announce the name of the winner of the US presidential election at the top of Facebook and Instagram platforms once it’s been projected by a majority of media outlets.

Facebook spokesperson Tom Reynolds said, “Once a majority of independent decision is filed by major media outlets, “we’ll update the notifications running across the top of Facebook and Instagram with the projected winner of the election. The company will also label presidential candidates’ posts with a link to its voting information center.”

Reynolds gave details and explained, “The Company will show the candidate’s name in notifications at the top of Facebook and Instagram that say ‘A Presidential Winner Has Been Projected — is the projected winner of the 2020 US Presidential Election.”

Reynolds also added, “Facebook will rely on a majority opinion from Reuters as well as independent decision desks at major media outlets, like ABC News, Fox News, CBS News, CNN, NBC News, and The Associated Press to determine when the presidential election winner is projected.”

Facebook tweeted, “While several states continue to count votes, we wanted to share a reminder of the steps we’ll take to provide reliable information across our products once there is a projected presidential winner.”

As the election process continues in the US, Facebook is seeing more reports of inaccurate claims about the election.

Facebook has seen more inaccurate claims about the election as ballot-counting in several key states and that many of the claims have low engagement on its platform. Reynolds added, “The Company is taking additional temporary steps, like demoting content that its systems consider misinformation, and deflated claims about voting. It will also limit the distribution of live videos related to the election on the platform.

Facebook previously announced several steps it was taking ahead of elections to reduce the spread of misinformation on its platforms. It put an indefinite ban on US-based political advertisements, and froze political ads before the election, specifically banning ads that falsely claimed victory. Facebook also pulled down a group called Stop the Steal and blocked several hashtags related to unfounded claims about election fraud.


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