AT&T Announces Price Hike in Data Plans

AT&T Announces Price Hike in Data Plans

This news story is an update to previous story featured on Appy Pie News.

On Wednesday, Federal Trade Commission announced that AT&T is fined $60 million for throttling data plans. The company was also criticized for not providing unlimited data in its unlimited data plan. AT&T has announced that it is providing its customers extra 15GB of bonus data. However, the extra data comes with price hike of $10.

The company sent an email to its customers informing them of the change. A reddit user posted this image of the email to a subreddit. The email is worded in a way that suggests the company is providing you with a surprise benefits that costs you money.

AT&T confirmed that there’s no way to opt out of this bonus. The company’s statement said: “We are communicating with some customers regarding changes to their mobile plans. Customers have the choice to change their plan at any time and can always contact us with questions or to understand their options.”

The move has been criticized by many, especially after Wednesday’s fine by the FTC.


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