WordPress Introduces a New Way for Bloggers to Get Paid

WordPress Introduces a New Way for Bloggers to Get Paid

One of the biggest providers of blog infrastructure and hosting solutions, WordPress is now introducing a new way for bloggers to get paid: subscriptions. This tool will be available to anyone with a paid WordPress site and to sites that use the company’s Jetpack toolkit. The feature fits into a broader trend of enabling creators to accept payments and build communities in easy ways. The feature is quite influenced by Patreon.

Blogging has been declining in popularity from its heyday when you could make enough money to live on just from maintaining your site. Blogging isn’t dead but it is absolutely on life support, with difficulty making money as one of the main reasons why.

Mark Armstrong, the founder of Longreads and an editor at Automattic (WordPress’ parent company) stated, “Especially from a small publisher, small business, sustainability perspective, subscriptions, and memberships are such a key foundational element to monetizing your site in 2019. We provided a lot of feedback in terms of the things that we had seen. We’ve had a membership and subscription for Longreads, going back to 2011. So about eight years of experience working with memberships and subscriptions.”


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