Google Rolls Out RCS for All Android Users in the US

Google Rolls Out RCS for All Android Users in the US

A year and a half ago, Google unveiled RCS chat as Android’s primary texting platform. Google is now rolling out availability to any Android user in the US who wants to use it. RCS stands for “rich communication services,” and it’s the successor to SMS. Like other texting services, it supports read receipts, typing indicators, improved group chats, and high-quality images.

The texting platform will not offer end to end encryption. To get RCS, you simply need to use Android Messages as your default texting app on your Android phone. Many Android phones do that already by default, but Samsung users will need to head to the Google Play Store to download it and then switch to it as their default.

Once you have Android Messages, you should see an option to upgrade to “enable chat features.” Google says it will be highlighting that option up “in the coming weeks,” and the full rollout will be completed by the end of the year. iPhones do not support RCS, and over the past year, Apple has declined to comment on whether it ever will.


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