Google details users on Calendar, Drive, and Chrome iOS widgets on the way

Google - Appy Pie

Google has announced that it is rolling out – home screen widget for Gmail, Drive, and Fit. It has been one of the first third-party developers to come out with a home screen widget for one of its iPhone and iPad apps.

Google has also offered details on new iOS widgets it has on the way, following the launch of its new Gmail widget this week. The company announced it is adding widgets for Drive and Google Fit, which are likely available now, and that it has a Calendar widget to be launched in the coming weeks. A widget for Chrome is also due for an official launch next year and is available in beta now.

Some of the new widgets look far more useful than other widgets. The widget that comes with Google Fit looks great. It will not only let users see the progress you’re making toward your daily step and heart points goals, but it will also provide them with a weekly breakdown of their activity.

Users can use the new Gmail widget to search their inbox and start composing an email. It will also show a count of unread messages.

The widgets provide shortcuts to the app’s most commonly used features to show important information at a glance. The Chrome widget provides links to QR code scanning, shortcut to open new incognito mode tabs, web and voice searches, while the Drive widget similarly offers shortcuts to your files and a search box. The Google Fit widget provides a running total of steps and heart points, while the Calendar widget shows upcoming appointments.

Google has initially already rolled out widgets for many apps – Google Photos, YouTube Music, and its official search app. You can’t sort using an inbox using the Gmail widget, for example, or control the playback of music with the YouTube Music widget. Hopefully, this functionality is possible in the future.

The company is also chalking out plans for widgets for Gcal and Chrome. Gcal provides you with an overview of your upcoming appointments. Tapping on any color-coded event icons will let you see your full calendar. Chrome one lets you search or type in a URL, conduct a voice search and scan a QR code, and open a tab in incognito mode. Google says that a smaller version of the widget comes with a little surprise.

You can add the Gmail, Drive, and Fit widgets to your iPhone and iPad home screen from today. The Calendar widget will be available sometime in the next few weeks, while the Chrome one will make its way to everyone sometime next year — though you can try by installing the beta on your phone.


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