Microsoft Edge now offers coupon and promo codes for online shopping

Microsoft Edge - Appy Pie

Microsoft has announced that it is adding a new coupons feature to its Edge browser. Coupons and promo codes will soon pop up inside the Edge browser in the form of alerts while users are shopping online, and the coupons and codes can be automatically applied to their basket when they are ready to check out.

The coupons feature will now on – include price comparisons, so if users are shopping online, Edge can find out different retailers that may offer items at lower prices.

Microsoft introduced price comparisons in Edge initially as a part of its Collections feature, but this new coupon experience goes further. It is part of Microsoft’s move to position Edge as the browser for online shopping, but the comparisons and coupons only work for US users at present.

If online shopping does not interest any user, Edge is also getting productivity improvements for students. Microsoft is also adding in the facility to annotate and add text notes to PDFs, a highly requested feature. And one of the top requested features inking is making a return to Microsoft Edge. Due to the new screenshot tool, users will be able to digitally ink and annotate screenshots.

Microsoft is also planning to add the ability to capture a full webpage in a screenshot later this month. Most existing screenshot tools what you see without the ability to capture an entire webpage or scroll as you grab the screen. Microsoft’s new Edge screenshot tool will automatically scroll down a webpage so users can capture everything in a single image.

Word and Outlook will also start handling copied URLs from Edge far more elegantly soon. Microsoft will shorten long links into friendly URLs when any user copy links from the address bar in Edge and paste them into Word or Outlook. That’s useful if users don’t want to use or another link shortening service, and users will also be able to switch back to the longer URL in the Word or Outlook context menus.

The new feature will impress the bargain hunters out there, especially the extreme couponing set, but it will be just as useful for the rest of us who are just looking to get a good deal.

Microsoft has already brought price comparisons to Edge a few weeks ago.


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