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Twitter to expand functionality showing a warning when users try to like labeled tweet

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Ahead of the 2020 US election, Twitter began showing a warning if users tried to retweet any tweet that had been labeled for possibly including misleading information.

Twitter now has made an announcement that it is planning to expand that warning functionality to users when they try to like a labeled tweet. Twitter said that the functionality is rolling out on the web and iOS worldwide this week, and it will come to Android devices in the coming weeks.

This step by the company comes after social networking platforms like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook took additional steps to counter fake news, misinformation, and conspiracy theories during and after the US presidential elections. Twitter especially took extreme measures such as putting a label to tweets that seem to be misleading by the company. The company even labeled some of the tweets from US President Donald Trump.

Social networking platforms have been facing criticism for being unable to tackle the spread of fake, abusive, and misleading content. Just recently, CEOs of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter’s Jack Dorsey were grilled on election response by US senators. Both of them defended their content moderation practices at a congressional hearing.

As per the company just adding a warning decreased quote tweets of misleading information by 29 percent. It seems Twitter is building hopes that this new warning shown before likes of labeled tweets will reduce the number of likes on labeled content.

The warnings on retweets and likes on labeled tweets are not the only restrictions Twitter has put in place to reduce the spread of misinformation. Currently, when users try to share a retweet, Twitter will open a window to compose a quote tweet instead of immediately sharing that tweet with followers. Users will not have to write anything, though, and they can still post a standard retweet — just hit the Retweet button in the compose window.

Twitter before the US elections had said that the warnings before retweets of labeled tweets and the changes to how you retweet would be in place until at least the end of election week in the US.

Twitter in October added additional warnings and restrictions on tweets with a misleading information label from US political figures, US-based accounts with more than 100,000 followers, or that obtain significant engagement.

Twitter said that people must tap through a warning to see these Tweets, and then will only be able to Quote Tweet; likes, Retweets, and replies will be turned off, and such Tweets will not be algorithmically recommended by Twitter.

When people attempted to retweet tweets with a misleading information label, they saw a prompt pointing them to credible information about the topic before they were able to amplify it.


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