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Google Pay’s old apps and website to lose payment feature

Google Pay - Appy Pie

Google Pay’s old app on iOS and Android app, and website will end up losing many of their payment features in the US in January. As per the Google support document, the old apps will no longer be able to send or receive payments or withdraw money. Google Pay website is carrying a note that says it is losing the ability to send and receive peer-to-peer payments. Users can manage payment methods on the web app.

Google also clarified on the support page of the company that the original Google Pay app will stop working in January.

Not only this, but Google is also introducing a 1.5 percent fee for users to transfer money out of Google Pay using a debit card, as per reports from 9to5Google.

Google Pay to date has been offering the ability to manage payments as well as send money from both a mobile app or from

Google service’s plan a massive re-launch final week in the US, which includes a new app and new features like the choice of robotically scanning your Gmail inbox and Google Photos account for receipts to import. The new service is ready to expand further next year, develop additional subsequent 12 months when Google plans to tie up with banks to offer full checking and financial savings accounts within Google Pay.

With the relaunch comes the new feature of fee for transferring out money using a debit card. A support page says that transferring money out using a debit card, a process which usually happens instantly, will now incur a fee of 1.5 percent or USD 0.31. Though transfers out to a bank account linked are still free but can take between 1 and 3 business days. Google Pay originally had zero fees, 9to5Google reports.

Despite the fact that peer-to-peer payment features are disappearing in the US, the company says Google Pay’s web interface will stick around.

In the future, Google will focus on managing payment methods, subscriptions, and account settings.

Google stated, “In 2021, users will not be able to use to send and receive money. Users will have to use the new Google Pay app to send and receive money.”


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