PUBG Corporation registers company in India, to be available to android users initially

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The PUBG Corporation is bringing some good news for mobile gamers every day and it has now registered the company in India. PUBG Corporation, the owner of PUBG, PUBG Mobile India, PUBG Mobile, and PUBG Mobile Lite titles has already set up its Indian subsidiary before launching its game.

In early September 2020, Indian users were dismayed as the government had imposed a ban on many Chinese mobile apps and games including PUBG Mobile due to security reasons. Soon after the ban order, the gaming firm started making efforts to make a re-entry into the Indian gaming market.

After the ban, the company cut its ties with Tencent Games and announced it would be taking over the game’s publishing responsibilities in India.

PUBG Corporation has registered the company with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The registration has been done with a paid-up investment of Rs 5 lakh. The company was registered on November 21 and the launch of the mobile game will happen soon. Just about two weeks ago, the company announced PUBG Mobile’s return to India.

PUBG Mobile India is specifically developed for the Indian market. The company plans to provide a secure and healthy gameplay environment to gamers along with investments to cultivate local video game, esports, entertainment, and IT industries.

PUBG has said it would make an investment of USD 100 million to expand the business in sectors such as local video gaming, esports, and entertainment. The company would hire over 100 employees specializing in business, esports, and game development to give a smooth experience to the gamers on its platform. PUBG Mobile India will go solo in India, after facing rejection from potential candidates.

PUBG Mobile India at initial stages will be available only for users on the Android platform. The game will likely be available later for their iOS counterparts as well.

PUBG Corporation also says that the new PUBG Mobile India in-game content will be improved and tailored as per the local needs. The company has decided to customize the game for local gamers, and it will now be set in a virtual simulation training ground.

The company plans to headquarter the Indian subsidiary of PUBG Corporation at Bengaluru. It will likely control the operations of PUBG Mobile India game from there.

The company has already appointed Sean (Hyunil) Sohn as one of the directors of PUBG Mobile India. He was Krafton’s head of corporate development. The other director of the company is Kuma Krishnan Iyer.


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