Amazon now lets users text Alexa on iOS

Amazon - Appy Pie

Amazon is testing a new Alexa feature in the US that will allow users to type out Alexa commands – rather than ask them aloud. The new feature is available for iOS users in the Alexa app.

Amazon said, “The iOS Alexa app will allow users to communicate with Alexa without even using their voice, now anything a user wants to say to Alexa can be typed using the Alexa mobile app.”

The new feature is called Type, which is now being trialed in the Alexa app for iOS users. An Amazon spokesperson confirmed that the feature is available, but he said it is only available as a public preview to iOS Alexa app users.

To access and use Type with Alexa, users need to open the latest version of the Amazon Alexa app on an iOS device and then tap the new keyboard icon that appears on the top left of the main menu of the app. From there, users can type-out your commands. The typed-out commands will work similarly to verbal ones, and Alexa is still getting the hang of it.

Type with Alexa seems like a cool, new, and better way to use Alexa when users want to avoid being loud. It is also indirectly an accessibility feature, as those without any voice will also finally be able to use Alexa by typing out their requests to the digital assistant. Even Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri have long been offering such functionality.

The Amazon spokesperson added, “It allows users to interact with Alexa without using voice. Type with Alexa is available to iOS customers only in the US.”

It feels good to see Amazon thinking about its users. Android users are still excluded from its use. As of now, the Type feature of Alexa is available in public preview for iOS users. However, Amazon has yet to reveal when it’ll be releasing a final version of the feature or when it will be available on Android and other platforms.


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