Google Podcasts now supports private RSS feeds

Google Podcasts - Appy Pie

Google Podcasts is now getting a feature that is standard across most apps. It is called the private RSS feed support. Product head Google Podcasts, Zack Reneau-Wedeen, announced on Twitter and listed out few networks that are reliant on private feeds, like Patreon, Red Circle, Slate, and Supercast.

The Google Podcasts app on Android, iOS, and the web is now an actual podcasts app as it now supports subscribing by RSS feed. This means it now works with all private RSS feeds, and offer a simple way to create a members-only podcast feed and earn more revenue.

This feature allows Podnews to offer Google Podcasts buttons for all shows – even if they’re not listed.

To access the new feature, users need to tap on the Activity tab in the bottom right-hand corner and slide over to the Subscriptions tab, and then tap the plus symbol. Users will then be prompted to add the RSS feed.

This is a standard feature that’s helped prop up the podcasting business for creators. On Patreon members have often been paying for access to a subscribers-only feed. To access that content, the creator sends users a private RSS feed that they then can insert into their favorite listening app to retrieve the audio. The private RSS feeds is a useful thing to support both for creators and listeners, so it’s not surprising Google would build this in. In fact, it’s been a long time since Google has been trying to bring it on their platform.

Nonetheless, every app does not support the feature like Spotify. But if Google Podcasts, and even Spotify, want to become the places where people consume all of their audio, they have to support private RSS feeds, at least for the time being because it is how creators get their shows out to fans while still getting paid.


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