Google Photos now allows users to set a changing wallpaper that pulls images from memories

Google Photos - Appy Pie

An update to Google Photos now allows all Android users to set their wallpaper as a random, rotating cast of saved photos. It is a cool new feature the ability to set memories as wallpaper.

If users go to their phone wallpaper section, and under live wallpapers, users will see the option to use Memories. Once selected, their phone will start pulling photos from the Memories section of Google Photos to cycle between as a background. The users will then be able to preview images as a wallpaper before confirming.

The main point is that Google will use its machine learning algorithms to pull photos, users will not be able to really decide what shows up. Photos could range from gorgeous vistas to a photo of your home office lunch. There is always the possibility that ‘Not safe for work’ photos might show up, though users hope its algorithm is smart enough to look for better photos.

Google recently announced it is ditching Google Photos’ unlimited, free photo storage feature on June 1, 2021. Users should try this out, considering Google is eliminating unlimited, free photo storage on June 1, 2021. From that date, Google Photos will start charging for storage over 15GB. If you think you might end up switching services, now’s the time to try out a live wallpaper now.

Those users who are on the hunt for a new wallpaper will be able to use images in their Memories section of Google Photos. More specifically, users will be able to set wallpaper as a random, rotating series of saved photos. The new software rolling out to the Google Photos app will be called Version 5.22 and will be fun to use for the users.


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