Assistant Button Starts Working in ‘Early Access’ of Google Stadia

Assistant button starts working in 'early access' of Google Stadia

When Google unveiled Stadia, it’s cloud-based streaming games platform, it showed off a button on the controller that linked directly to its Google Assistant AI helper. The idea is that players will be able to easily pull up tips and relevant information without even losing their game. However, it wasn’t quite ready for the service’s playable-but-fragile launch last month.

The company confirmed in a community update that it has rolled out “some Google Assistant functionality for your Stadia Controller.” On Twitter, Stadia Daily and The Stadia Crowd confirmed that the feature works for players who are using it via a Chromecast Ultra. However, now it isn’t usable in-game and only works on the Stadia home screen. On Reddit, Google said that right now players can use it to launch games, and the videos posted show players using the Assistant as normal.

Right now Google stadia is updating and increasing its user experience by adding some popular games to its cloud-like: 

1.     Darksider Genesis

2.     The Tomb Raider Trilogy

3.     Destiny 2

4.     Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

In the future, Google Assistant can bring some exclusive experiences to gaming in the cloud, but right now it’s less functional than the Xbox One integration that can turn the system on and off, launch games and take screenshots.


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