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TikTok sale deadline to be put on hold as talks with the US continue

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The Trump administration’s deadline for the forced sale of TikTok’s US assets will go without a final deal, as per reports.

The destiny of TikTok has faced many hindrances within the US, has been caught up for months in President Donald Trump’s crackdown on Chinese language corporations and their effect within the US. The administration has argued that Individuals’ non-public knowledge gathered by the app could possibly be handed over to the authoritarian regime in China, the thing that TikTok has said that it could by no means do.

The deadline has been extended by the US government multiple times, and this time TikTok isn’t expected to receive a new one, said inside sources, who asked not to be identified because the decision isn’t yet public. TikTok is still in talks with the US government about a sale that satisfies the administration’s concerns of national security, but Friday’s deadline will be allowed to lapse while the discussions continue.

The US Government Treasury Department informed TikTok and its Chinese parent company ByteDance that they will not face any fine or punishment for missing the deadline because the sides are still negotiating. The deal, which has been in the process for months, is on the verge of ending, and the administration is eager to complete it before President-elect Joe Biden takes office on January 20.

ByteDance has remarked that its proposal would put the US companies and investors in charge of data and content moderation for US users, a key demand of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the US, a panel led by the US Treasury Department. The US Treasury had even granted China-based ByteDance its last extension almost a week ago because the department said it needed time to review the revised submission plan.

Trump gave his approval in mid-September to a preliminary deal in which ByteDance would sell part of TikTok to Oracle Corp., Walmart Inc. and US investors Sequoia Capital, KKR & Co. and General Atlantic, finally creating a new independent company called TikTok Global. But that deal has been pending over months and was overshadowed by the US election and rising Covid-19 cases. China will also eventually need to give its approval to the deal.

TikTok has filed a number of challenges against the ban that are winding their method by the courts. A large number of US judges have already blocked the ban from going into impact.

These circumstances are likely to lapse when Biden takes the White House workplace in January, only until he decides to implement the Trump ban and defend the earlier administration’s orders in the courtroom.


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