Spotify Releases Wrap Up for the Year

Spotify to Pause Political Ads

Like each year, Spotify gave users a reminder of their past with its Wrapped year-in-review roundup. Everyone is sharing their top songs and artists from the last year on Instagram, Twitter, and other social networks. The recaps have gone viral with seemingly everyone sharing theirs.

Spotify users can revisit their top artists of the year, top songs, and because 2019 also marks the end of a decade, their most consumed music over the past 10 years. Conveniently, the roundup is already formatted like an Instagram Story on the Spotify mobile app, and users can tap to share their recaps directly to their stories from Spotify.

The widespread conversation is a big win for Spotify especially over Apple Music, particularly because Spotify is beating the famously exclusionary company at its own game. People want to share their Wrapped roundups, but unless they’ve been on Spotify and listening, they can’t just generate data.

Apple Music has its own year-end roundup feature, too, but it’s not built for sharing, and even if it was, everyone is sharing the Spotify roundup, not Apple’s. Many people have tweeted that they want to switch to Spotify just to get a decade to wrap up.


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