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Google Stadia to allow users livestream games directly to YouTube

Google Stadia - Appy Pie

From the very beginning, Google Stadia and YouTube were supposed to be working together. With help of cloud computing, users can click on a YouTube ad to start the game, and a YouTuber can invite the viewers of the user right away.

This helps in participating in the game, and most importantly, allows all creators to live stream Stadia games to YouTube at the push of a button on their controller.

With the release of Stadia last November, nothing of this sort happened, but the biggest ones will arrive. All the Stadia users now on will be able to live stream directly to YouTube.

This afternoon the features seemed to be deployed, and I also found the ability to link a YouTube account with a Stadia account, but in reality, there is no streaming feature yet.

As per 9to5Google to use the feature users will need to tweak some settings, such as title the stream and whether the stream is appropriate for kids and does it comply with the child protection rules. Though it is also unclear if it can be streamed in 4K, as Stadia has originally promised to so. Also, as with 4K gameplay, users may likely need a USD 9.99 monthly Stadia Pro subscription to do so.

This feature has been achieved by Stadia at such a critical time. The most important and popular game on this service is Cyberpunk 2077 will be arriving this week. At this time, building a personal powerful PC with a next-generation console and the latest graphics card is very difficult and expensive. This is Stadia’s biggest test to date, and the company is working on a purchase and other details. This service comes with a complete set of free Stadia hardware for a limited period. This is altogether different from the one that was offered free of charge to YouTube Premium subscribers.

People streaming Cyberpunk 2077 – the transition from Stadia to YouTube could be the greatest opportunity that Google has ever had to prove and what it can do with its service.


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