Google adds more AR animals to mobile Search

Google - Appy Pie

Google has added 50 new augmented actuality animals to Search which could be both, cute or a bit disconcerting.

There is a pink panda along with her pumpkin, a cat, there’s a giraffe, cow, zebra, pig, red panda, and hippo among the many new creatures users will be able to welcome nearly into their home. These animals can be viewed by users in AR through Google Search. Users can just search for their favorite animal on their Google mobile app and view them in 3D to see them in any space and users can also share their best creations with #Google3D. Android Police has a good list of all of the AR animals they’ve found to this point.

The animals can be augmented from a phone to a home or any other place. All that users have to do is type the name of the animal in Google Search, and select View in 3D. They can tap on that to see the 3D animal, and place it wherever they want to. Users can simply view the animal in 3D or augment it to wherever they are. Google also lets users move the animal around, and they can be expanded to 1000%. Users can also share the 3D animal on social platforms.

Google introduced 3D animals in Search in 2019 at its I/O event. It has been adding new characters to its 3D animals library ever since that day.

Due to the pandemic, the whole world is homebound now. When Google began placing 3D animals in Search final 12 months it just had just a few animals accessible like a tiger, a lion, a wolf, and a canine. It added more creatures in March, along with alligators, geese, and hedgehogs. In August, Google made prehistoric creatures and historic artifacts accessible in AR by way of its Arts and Tradition app, it added things like crustacean cambropachycope.

It is a fairly enjoyable function and is prone to be very enjoyable for teenagers caught inside houses. There are 50 new animals to discover on Search. Google has these 50 new animals to its 3D animal collection including the aforementioned ones, and also a milk cow.

Google’s 3D collection features other characters as well. Recently, on Halloween, it added characters such as hot dog, black cat, German shepherd, jack-o-lantern, and human skeleton to its 3D collection. Earlier this year, Google also added an Easter bunny to its 3D animals collection.

Google is adding more animals over time. This list has been expanded since Google originally announced 3D animals. Google is expanding the functionality of these panels with other features like video recording tools and quick shortcuts to many other animals.


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