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Uber and Lyft to leave Sky Harbor

Uber and Lyft to leave Sky Harbor

On Wednesday, Phoenix City Council voted 7 to 2 to approve an increase in ride-share fees for dropping off and picking up passengers. After this news, both Uber and Lyft have said, they are prepared to leave Sky Harbor International Airport, although neither company has said when. The new fee of $4 per trip will go into effect on Feb. 1. The fee will increase by 25 cents each year, reaching $5 each way in 2024.

Councilman Sal DiCiccio, who opposed the proposal said, “The city of Phoenix will be driving out ride-sharing from our airport. This is what is going to happen today.” He and Councilman Jim Warring were the ones who voted against the proposal.

Councilman Carlos Garcia, who voted in favor of the measure said, “For a long time, we have been subsidizing these corporations. They’ve been using our roads. They’ve been using our facilities. It’s time these corporations pay their fair share.”

This was the second vote on the matter after a botched vote on October 16th. On the previous date, the council also voted 7 to 2 to raise the fees. That vote was voided once it was discovered that the city did not post the proposed fee on its website for the amount of time required under state law. The city blamed the mistake on a clerical error, reposted the proposal and scheduled a new vote for Dec. 18.

In the weeks following the first vote, both Lyft and Uber sent letters to the airport, the mayor and city council threatening to leave if the increase takes effect. Piper Overstreet, who represents Uber said in a statement, “We are and always have been supportive of paying our fair share. However, this proposal far exceeds what it costs the airport.”


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