Rohan Sharma

Rohan is a Digital Marketing Executive at Appy Pie. With a background in journalism and mass communication, Rohan is a multi-faceted professional, who loves creative writing and has been writing and editing for top media houses in the industry. He has keen interest in reading and watching science fiction movies. He loves to stay updated with technology & current affairs.
8 Biggest Mistakes in the Tech World - Appy Pie
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8 Biggest Mistakes in the Tech World

Making mistakes is the part of life. Though mistakes really just opportunities for learning and growth, but sometimes they result into huge blunders. Listed here are the 8 biggest mistakes from the tech world where people said no to free…

How to navigate information on the pandemic - Appy Pie

How to navigate information on the pandemic?

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus across the globe and resulting impact on the lives of billions of people has highlighted the necessity for accurate information relating to the destructive pandemic. But how can individuals even start to process the vast amount…